Con/Chem trails near Manchester Airport  in Hale,  Bowdon , Altrincham Skies  WA14   WA15
May/June Weekend 2014 who is doing this ?  We and the children breathe and eat this stuff ??

Blue Skies tonight no whiteout much yet

Can TrailBlazers print Character clouds ?

Clouding up a bit

Whiter Skies in  GeoEng it seems

BlueSkies for WA14 and WA15 please

In Altrincham Bowdon Dunham Hale Timperley and Village / Hale Barns and Wythenshawe
we wonder what chemicals and stuff the politicians have not authorised and why they
are all so silent about this chemical spraying of GB EU  -  What is Going On  ???

Larger Photos :  To see these you need a good connection  LARGE FILES