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Trafford Locality Partnership Boards Strictures in 2013

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Trafford Councillors By Ward

Dr  Karen Barclay                CHAIR


Bowdon           Conservative

Trafford Council
Community Health and Wellbeing

Michael Young


Altrincham        Conservative 

Trafford Council
Adult Social Services

Denise Western


Broadheath       Labour

Jacki Wilkinson

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Broadheath       Conservative  

Bernard Sharp

Hale Barns        Conservative 


Patricia Young

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Hale Central      Conservative

Alan Mitchell InfoTrafford_Information_Link Hale Central      Conservative

Trafford Council
Highways and Environment

Jane Brophy

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Timperley          Liberal Democrat

Angela Bruer-Morris

Timperley          Conservative 

Tony Fishwick

Village               Liberal Democrat

Laura Evans

Twitter Link Village               Conservative 



Community Ambassadors

Andrew  Smyth

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Christina  Preece

Community Ambassador Cristina Preece

Kate  Dempster

LinkedIn_link Adviser Youth and
British Council

Viv  Rodgerson

Peter  Davies

Brenda  Houraghan

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Trafford Housing Trust
Altrincham  Community  Panel

Ambassador Seat
Agencies Statutory and
Other Organisations

Sgt     Michael Sever

Greater Manchester Police

PC     John Carr

Greater Manchester Police

Jane Green

Trafford Housing Trust
Strategic Housing Partnership

Chris Hart


Aidan Flynn

Trafford Council
Environment, Transport and

Allan Tranconi

Trafford Council
Children, Families and


Ken McDonald  &    Jenny Hunt

Trafford Council
Children, Families and


Joanne Hyde

Trafford Council
Relationship Director

April 2013   News Release

Residents came together with representatives from Trafford Council and partner organisations last week to
shape the borough's new Locality Partnerships, which will have responsibility for deciding local priorities and
influencing local services.

There will be four Locality Partnerships in the borough - North, South, West and Central - which will comprise of
Community Ambassadors, councillors and partners including the police, health service, registered social landlords,
and the council.

At the event on Thursday 18 April 2013 members of the partnerships came together for the first time to discuss
their collective aspirations and values, and to determine how they will work to make the partnerships effective
so that they can successfully engage with residents, tackle issues and work towards making a positive change
within their communities.

Chair of Trafford Partnership and Leader of Trafford Council Matt Colledge said:

"The Trafford Partnership has a vision to create flourishing neighbourhoods and communities
that create a thriving, diverse, prosperous and culturally vibrant Trafford. Organisations cannot achieve that in silo and certainly not without the involvement of residents.

Locality Partnerships are all about empowering communities to determine their own priorities and
to take ownership of their areas. We have some exceptional individuals on board and
I am confident that these partnerships can make a significant difference to the areas where we live."

The Rev. Roger Sutton, Chair of the Trafford Partnership's Strong Communities Partnership, added:
"There is real gold within our communities; local people who have a wealth of talent and a great
passion for their neighbourhood. Locality Partnerships will give these community champions a voice that can bring about real change and a positive future for their area."

The Locality Partnerships were launched at the Trafford Partnership's annual event on Thursday 25 April 2013

If you would like to find out more about the event or about Trafford's Locality Partnerships, please visit 

Or call the  Partnerships Team

SOUTH Locality Partnership membership and roles
as at 
May 2013

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